Expert Business Accounting is a flagship product of Doshi Softwares built on the strong framework of Quality, Innovation, Reliability and Flexibility. The Comprehensiveness and Customizability of the software allows for easing integration into most of the existing systems of accounting.

Various options available in the software allow for extending the software as per requirements so that it can be tailored to fit an existing system. The Custom Analysis Report Writer can provide flexible Report and On the Fly Reports besides the facility to get custom Addons developed to suit the exact clients requirements.

Expert Accounting includes a range of standard accounting vouchers, reports and MIS modules but some of the special modules are worth separate attention.

    Custom Document Designer
    Included with Expert is a versatile Document Designer which can be used to customize Invoice and Other Documents exactly as per the Clients Requirements. Let the software mend itself to your requirements instead of you having to change your invoice format The Document Designer is as easy to use as a Text Editor. However, our support professionals are always there for support to get your invoices and documents designed.

    Expert Billing Enhancements
    The Billing Details portion can be customized as per user requirements so that Invoicing becomes speedy and error free. Auto Calculation of fields, Support of Macros, Last Rate View Option, Full Party and Product Details, Credit Limit Blocking, Auto VAT Calculations, Forms Tracking, Challan and Order management are a few of the various enhancements in the Billing Section.

    Complete VAT Support
    Expert has simplified the complexities of VAT by treating it like a normal Sales Tax Account like CST or SST. With complete support of various types of invoicing and customizability, Item wise and Bill wise VAT Support, Inclusive and Exclusive VAT Calculations, MRP based Calculations, etc. VAT Support is quite comprehensive. All this is topped up by the wide range of reports accepted by the VAT Departments like Input / Output Registers, VAT Registers, CST Registers, SST Register, VAT Abstract, Return Forms and Annexures, ...

    Quick Printing
    Quick Printing both in Windows Graphics Mode and DOS Text Modes is supported with support for practically all types and kinds of printers. Colors and Fonts are also supported for selected types of printers.

    Custom Analysis / Report Writer
    The Custom Analysis / Report Writer Modules puts the full power of MIS into the hands of the Users. Expert has a wide range of standard MIS Reports for Analysis that would meet most of the Users Requirements. However, still if you have any special kind of reporting in mind, the Custom Analysis Module is there to fulfill your commands. Just Provide the Levels of Grouping, The Fields required for the Analysis and Selection Options in Single Page Entry Form and the Report is created with Multiple Reporting Options, Export to Excel Support, Cross tab Report Support, etc. This module is worth checking out and experimenting ...

    Extra Field and Formula Support
    You can easily add extra fields to major vouchers and include them in the printing formats. The defined fields can also be programmed to provide special calculations at the time of data entry.

    Practical Options
    Practical and useful options as suggested by our esteemed clients have included throughout the entire package including options like F2 Last Sales Rate View, ALT+F2 Last Purchase Rate View, F2 Auto Entry, Quick Ledger Entries, Auto Entries from Reports, Quick Save Options, Details view of Party, Products and Batches, Last Entry Help, ...

    Security Features
    Expert provides Auto Backup Facility, Multiple Level User Security and Rights Management, Audit Support, Data Locking, Restricted Use, ...

    External Connectivity
    Expert provides easy connectivity with Office applications like Word, Excel, Outlook

    Division and Branch Accounting
    Complete support for Division / Branch / Outlet Accounting is provided in Expert.

    Industry wise Customizations A large range of Industry wise Customized versions of Expert are available that have been developed specially to cater to those industries. Some of the Specialized Versions include Pharmaceutical Industry, Watch Industry, Ply Industry, Shoe Industry, Garment / Saree / Dress Manufacturing Industry, Retail Stores, Mobile Phone / Hardware Vendors, FMCG Products, Serial Number Support Softwares, ...

    Other Options and Features
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